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What can I do to Get More Invitations to Participate in Research Studies?
What can I do to Get More Invitations to Participate in Research Studies?

Put your best self forward!

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We get it, you are excited to participate in paid research studies online. The below guide helps you to maximize your earning potential by taking part in research on Respondent.

Respondent works like this:

  • Participants apply to screener surveys for research projects.

    • Are you a good fit based on work your experience, skills, and lifestyle? Apply!

  • Researchers review your screener responses and your profile. πŸ”

    • If you are a good fit for the study, the Researcher sends you an invitation to participate. This process can take between 5-8 days.

    • If you get selected, you'll get an SMS notification and email notification with all the instructions. πŸ“§

Respondent asks our incredible Researchers to decide whom they would like to invite to participate in their studies. Respondent never selects, screens, or disqualifies Participants at any stage of the research study.

Time for a FACT CHECK βœ…

  • Did you know that actively accepting invitations and participating in research studies increases your chances of being selected for future projects?

  • We see you and appreciate you!

Ready to learn more? Ok, here are the top 3 ways you can increase your chances of getting selected to participate in research projects.

1. Keep your profile updated πŸ€“

  • Make sure your contact, demographic and employment details are complete and accurate. Your freshness πŸ… score should be πŸ’― at all times!

2. Boost your social validation πŸš€

  • Add your LinkedIn account. It is the preferred social account for most Researchers reviewing your profile.

  • Add a detailed work history, any extra connections, and ensure your profile photo is up-to-date and looks professional.

  • If you only have your Facebook connected, make sure you have a clear image of your face! Your dogs might be cute, and an emoji or avatar might represent your personality, but neither may get you invited to participate.

3. Stick with it πŸ’‘

  • To be considered for selection in any research study, you should only apply to screener surveys that most match your work history, skills, and interests.

    • Be motivated by the research topics, not just the incentive.

    • Take screener surveys often. It makes you look interested in research! You've got to be in it to win it!

    • Search for keywords in the project dashboard as if you were searching for a job.

    Pro Search Tip:

  • High-paying research projects are more popular than lower-paying research projects.

    • Use the project filters and reduce the incentive. You might just be opting into some studies that fewer Respondents are considering.

Finally, make sure there are no inconsistencies between the details on your Respondent profile and those on your LinkedIn/Facebook profile.

Any discrepancy in your job title, geographical location, industry, or employer is an immediate red flag for Researchers. Your honesty, accuracy, and transparency are what Researchers are looking for, so, double-check, then double-check again!

Above all, good luck, have fun, and thanks for being interested in research!

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