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Adding Your Photo to Your Profile
Adding Your Photo to Your Profile

At our core, Respondent's goal is to connect high-quality participants with opportunities to share their feedback, insight, and expertise.

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Why should I add my photo to my profile?

In order to provide research opportunities to participants, it's important that researchers are able to verify your identity. This is why we now require a profile photo to be added.
Add a clear photo of yourself. It increases your chances of being invited to participate

and being paid an incentive.

What does a quality photo look like?

A good profile photo should be a photo of just yourself, clear and not pixelated, and only of your face.

How do I add my photo?

  • Hover over the icon in the upper left-hand corner of your profile dashboard.

  • Click on 'Change picture'

  • Upload your photo from your device. Click Crop and Upload.

  • Your profile photo is saved!

  • Note: If you are having issues uploading your photo (i.e. long loading time or not populating after save, please ensure that there are no spaces within the photo name).

  • For example, "Image_1.jpg" is good while "Image 1.jpg" is not.

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