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Fulfillment Fee Explained
Fulfillment Fee Explained

Participants are paid the advertised incentive amount by the Researcher, less a 5%, or a $1 fulfillment fee, whichever is higher.

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The 5% fulfillment fee is broken into two components:

  1. PayPal Payment Processing Fee = 2.75%

    • This allows Respondent to process quick incentive payments to you.

  2. Service Fee = 2.25%

    • Allows Respondent to provide respondents with a choice of high-paying research studies, match respondents with appropriate studies using a demographic and occupation algorithm.

    • Allows Respondent to host Participant profiles, like yours!

The deduction of the 5% fulfillment fee is communicated to all participants ahead of beginning the screener survey and posted in the project dashboard.

Here is an example: If the cash incentive for the research project pays $20, you will receive a $19 incentive payment via PayPal.

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