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I Have Been Paid My Incentive to the Wrong Email Address
I Have Been Paid My Incentive to the Wrong Email Address

Prevent future payments from being made to the wrong email address. Update the correct PayPal email address as soon as possible. 

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In order to collect your payment, please connect an additional email address to your PayPal account. Details of how this is done, are found here.

Missing incentive payments will be sent only after the project and incentive amount are confirmed. A Transaction ID number is provided by our Customer Success Team when the incentive payment is resubmitted to your new PayPal email address.

When contacting our Customer Success Team, please be sure to include:

  • New PayPal email address

  • Name of the project(s)

  • Incentive amount(s).

Please allow us 5 business days to process the incentive payment(s) to the new PayPal email address. Thanks for your patience!

And don't forget to update the new PayPal email address on your Participant Dashboard!

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