We have conducted many user research sessions with customers whose research objectives range the spectrum. Time and time again, we hear a common need across these various customer segments to re-recruit past participants more seamlessly and in as little time as possible.

Here’s What We've Heard From Our Customers:

  • With PII and new GDPR legislation in place, it takes a long time for us to get legal approval to obtain customer lists from our marketing and customer success teams, more time and approval to upload them into an external platform, etc., etc.
  • Why can’t we just use an invitation link that we can drop in slack or send out via our customer emails or chat to recruit our own participants?

With those sentiments in mind, as a company we've decided to retire the RMS 1.0 on September 15th, 2020 in favor of an upcoming "RMS 2.0". The RMS 1.0 includes “My Participants” projects & CSV participant list uploads.

How Does This Affect My RMS 1.0 Account?

  • On September 16th, you will not longer be able to launch “My Participants” projects
  • The “Participants” tab on your organization’s toolbar and your RMS data will be hidden
  • The ability to upload a CSV of contacts to the RMS 1.0 will be removed

How Will The New And Streamlined, RMS 2.0 Work?

  • You will use a link to invite your own participants into the RMS 2.0 - this link can be used to recruit participants via slack, your website, chat bots, emails and newsletters and distributed across the internet
  • Simplified bulk invitation—quicker/less steps than our current experience with participant lists and email campaigns today
  • As always, the record of your participant recruiting on Respondent, will be for your account users eyes, only, and remain confidential

FAQ About RMS 2.0

1. When will I have access to the new, streamlined RMS feature?

  • The first version of the new RMS 2.0 will be launched in Q4 2020, an exact date will be announced by 9/1/2020

2. How can I recruit my own participants in the interim?

  • Follow this link to learn how to recruit your own participants to research projects

3. How can I access my existing RMS data (imported lists/uploads)?

4. Why do I have to pay to recontact a participant I have already used for a past research project?

  • We charge a 50% service fee for recontacting participants because of the following:

i. Scheduling participants researchers use several features such as screening, scheduling, and payment features to organize participants for research studies

ii. Participants verification; we keep place of employment and job titles of participants up to date

iii. Record of participation; every time you recontact a participants we keep a record of this so your team can keep track of which participants you have booked

5. What are the differences in features between RMS 1.0 and RMS 2.0?

  • See below for a side-by-side comparison

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