Respondent can be self-serve only, but an extra helping hand never hurts! Whether you're new to research, short on time, or would rather let someone else handle your recruiting, we offer Project Managers to do just that.

Our experienced team can help you with your project at every step of the recruiting process! Below is a summary of what our Project Management Team offers, and you can get a free quote here

We also offer a Project Management form that you can easily access within the Respondent platform. See here:

Project Set Up and Management

Screener consultation, development, and writing 

  • Assistance determining the most effective inclusion/ exclusion criteria in order to gain the top qualified participants.
  • Writing screeners from scratch with provided screener specifications

Platform & moderator calendar management 

  • Programming existing screeners into the Respondent platform
  • Programming research teams availability into the platform
  • Handling any inquires from candidates concerning project or platform related questions
  • Participant review, selection and scheduling

Quota management 

  • Tracking of the recruit’s progress against the quotas provided.
  • Invite participants accordingly to ensure the chosen sample group represents certain characteristics of the population important to your study. 

Verbal phone re-screening 

  • An additional quality control check to ensure that key qualifying responses have remained consistent and strong participant articulation is captured.
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