Organization Owners can add colleagues to join their organization in Respondent. Once added a researcher can sign up and they will have access to all the projects in the account. 

  1. Click "Organization Settings" in the left navigation
  2. Click "Manage Users" 
  3. Under "Invite Members" enter in the email address of the person you want to invite
  4. Select their role at the organization (see more on roles here).
  5. Click "Invite" 

The invited participant will receive an email prompting them to sign up.

Approving Pending Invitation

Respondent users can also request to join organizations, and Organization Owners can approve those requests on the same page. 

  1. Click "Organization Settings" 
  2. Click "Manage Users" 
  3. Under "Invitations" 
  4. Click the blue "Approve" button to confirm the request to join, or click the red "Delete" button if you want to deny the request to join.

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