For all studies, you can set up targeting by Preferences (also known as Interests) under the Targeting section of your Audience Targeting. Respondent will use this information to send your study to people who meet these preferences to prompt them to participate in your project. Like other targeting options, targeting by preference does not qualify or disqualify research participants. Anyone is able to view and apply for your project. 

What are Preferences? 

Preferences refers to anything that the research participant is interested in and willing to talk about in a project. For example, if someone is a movie buff or a foodie, they would likely want to talk about movies or food. 

Each research participant can set up the preferences in their account. By default, all the preferences are selected for participants. The preferences can be edited by the research participants in their account.

Pro Tip: More preferences allow us to send your study to a wider audience, if your study if very general, we recommend putting the max of eight preferences.

Preference Options

For general population studies, you have to select a minimum of two preferences and can select a maximum of eight

Preferences are not required for industry professional studies (Job Title and Industry are required). 

How to set up preference targeting: 

  1. Create a project 
  2. Complete the Project Set-up
  3. Click "Save & Next" to go to the Audience tab
  4. Under the Targeting section, open the "Preferences" section.
  5. Select an preference category
  6. Check the preferences you'd like to select. 
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for up to 8 preferences. 

Preference Categories: 

We have 14 categories for preferences currently, and each category has a variety of options associated with it. Below is a list of the categories and a few of examples of some of the preferences associated with them: 

  •  Arts and Entertainment - Visual Art, Comedy, Films, Live Music, etc. 
  • Beauty and Fashion - Clothing Basics, Accessories, Jewelry, Hair Care, etc. 
  • Computers & Software - 3D Printing, UI/UX, Open Source Software, etc.
  • Consumer Technology - Desktop Users, Mobile Phone Users, etc. 
  • Employment - Remote Work, Student, Small Business Owner, etc. 
  • Food and Drink - Fine Dining, Catering, Desserts, Alcohol, etc. 
  • Health and Wellness - Prescription Medication 
  • Household - Bed and Bath, Pet Ownership, Garden and Landscaping, etc. 
  • News - Business News, Health News, Tabloid News, etc. 
  • Personal Finance - Taxes, Real Estate, Loans and Mortgages, 
  • Science - Material Science, Astronomy, Computer Science, Ecology, etc. 
  • Sports - College Sports, Extreme Sports, Sporting Goods, etc. 
  • Travel and Tourism - Luxury Travel, Eco-Tourism, Hotel Reservations, etc. 
  • Website, Apps and Social Media - Ride Sharing Apps, Blogs, etc. 

If you don't see a preference you like, you can suggest one for us by clicking the link at the bottom of the preference list: 


The Preference/Interest I'm looking for isn't listed -- What do I do?
If you don't see a preference you like, you can suggest one for us by clicking the link at the bottom of the preference list. See the full FAQ here

I'm not looking for a specific industry or jobs-- Where do I find that?
General Population studies do not have the industry or job title option. If this is critical to your study, you will likely want to switch to a Industry Professional Study

What if my project is very general and not preference specific?
Preferences help our systems reach people who might be interested, but they don't qualify or disqualify anyone. Everyone will still be able to opt into your study! We recommend selecting the maximum eight preferences to reach as many people as possible. 

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