The Respondent Management System (RMS) is a platform within the Respondent platform that allows you to invite your own contacts to the participate in your projects. It's a central hub where you can import your contacts, invite them to participate in projects, and pay them. 

The RMS pricing is different from the marketplace pricing. Click here to view the plan options for the RMS. 

How to create a Project using the RMS

In order to invite your contacts to participate in your project, you will first have to create a project. 

How to set up a project with the RMS:

  1. Click the "New Project" 
  2. Select "RMS Participants"
  3. Complete the Details
  4. Click "Next"
  5. Complete the Screener
  6. Click "Next" 
  7. Select the option to create a Campaign (optional, you can do this later as well)
  8. Continue to the Summary page
  9. Save your project. 

If you didn't send out a campaign with your project, you can set that via the Project Overview page or the Campaigns tab. 


The RMS is specifically used for sending out campaigns for your project to you own set of contacts or marketplace contacts who previously participated in one of your projects. The contacts can be imported into lists through the RMS Import tab. 

When you import your contacts, they must include a First Name and Email Address. All other fields are optional and can include our standard fields, or custom fields.

Contacts are not automatically added to our marketplace when you import them as contacts, but they can choose to join once they create a Respondent account. 

More on importing your contacts here.


Lists allows you to organize your imported contacts. Lists can be added to specific campaigns. In order to add contacts to a campaign when setting up the project, the contacts have to be organized in lists.

More on lists here

Past Participants

The RMS contacts also includes any past participants who participated in your projects. They can be invited to both marketplace projects as well as RMS contact projects. 

More in inviting past participants here


Starting a campaign will send out invitations to your contacts to participate in your project. A project can have more than one campaign associated with it. 

Campaigns are managed within Respondent, but the invitations are sent out via your Gmail or Outlook account.
More on campaigns here.


Can I use both the marketplace and the RMS for the same project?
No. Currently projects must be set up using either the RMS or the marketplace. If you want to use both, we recommend duplicating your project and using two projects for this. 

Are my contacts automatically added to the Respondent marketplace?
No. We invite your contacts to join our marketplace as well, but they are not required to join nor opted in automatically. 

Do I need a Gmail or Outlook account?
Yes. We use your own Gmail or Outlook account to send out invitations -- This ensures that your contacts know that you are the one who is contacting them. If you don't have a gmail or outlook account, you will not be able to use the RMS currently.

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