You can view your billing info through the following steps: 

  1. Click "Settings" in the left navigation
  2. Click "Credit Card", "Transactions", or "Credits"

How to Add or Remove a Credit Card

Organization owners can add or remove a credit card through these steps: 

  1. Under Billing, click "Credit Card"
  2. Click "Add Payment Method" or remove a card by clicking the red X

Note that only Owners on the org can do update the payment information. If you are a member, but not an owner, please reach out to your organization owner in order to have them either: 1. Add a card on your behalf or 2. Make you an admin of the organization.

View Previous Transactions and Receipts

  1. Click "Transactions" under Billing
  2. Click "Download PDF" or "Send Receipt" for a transaction to view the transaction receipt. 

If you click "Send Receipt" it will be emailed the the billing address we have on file for the organization. 

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