You can conduct quantitative surveys (and other asynchronous style research) using the Respondent platform.

How to set up quantitative research:

  1. Click "New Project" 
  2. Under the Project Details, select "quantitative survey" under the "Kind of Research" section
  3. Complete your project set up

As the next step in the process, please enter the link that participants will use to complete your survey: 

This link will only be sent to participants you invite, after they have completed your screener.

NB: Respondent is platform agnostic. You can include a link to any third party platform of your choosing.

If your study requires a unique link per participant, or you don't have the survey link ready at the time of publishing the study - please enter 'We will send you the link after inviting you to participate'. Sending a unique link to participants can be done via the messaging function within the platform. 

: It is the responsibility of the researcher to collect identifying information from candidates on the survey platform that is chosen. This is important as it allow researchers to identify those Respondents that have completed the study, and are due payment via the Respondent platform. We suggest you include 'What is your first and last name as it appears on the Respondent platform' as a question at the end of your survey.

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