Editing your Project

Editing your Project How can I edit my project details? How can I edit my screener or qualifying questions? 

How to edit a project: 

  1. Click on the project name
  2. Click the pen and paper edit icon in the top right. 

Prior to launching a project, you can edit any aspect of the project details, audience targeting, or screener questions. Once a project is launched, you can edit some aspects of the project, but not all of them. 

Note: Editing a launched project, including the incentive, will not change anything for participants who've already opted into your project. The changes will only apply to new participants.

List of what can be edited on a Launched Project: 

  • Project Name
  • Internal Name
  • Respondent Pitch
  • Remote Link (for remote projects only)
  • Time Required & Timezone
  • Incentive
  • Edit Screener Questions
  • Add Screener Questions

List of what can't be edited on a Launched Project: 

  • Target Number
  • Target Audience (Industry Professional vs General Population)
  • Research Method
  • Kind of Research
  • Any of the Audience Targeting Details (Filtering, Targeting, Qualifying settings)
  • Delete Screener questions

Why can't I edit certain fields?
Some fields can't be edited because they affect who receives information about your project or they impact the project tracking in our system.

Really? I can't edit any of those fields? but I need to!
If you need to edit one of the none editable fields, you may reach out to the support team via the chat option in the account. Our team can help get some of that information edited, but reserve the right to leave a project as is. 

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