Can Respondent recruit people under the age of 18?

We do not have participants on our platform who are under the age of 18, however, Respondent can recruit people under the age of 18 to participate in research studies, with their parent or guardians consent.

Generally a good way to recruit minors to participate in research studies is to recruit their parents/guardian and have them answer and schedule research on behalf of their dependent.

An example of how a project might be created is set out below: 

Project Name: Seeking parents of teenagers who love sport

Description: We are looking to speak with children aged 12-18 years old about their experiences with X. If you are the parent of a 12-18 old who loves to play sport, please apply on behalf of your minor.

Screener questions

  • Are you the parent of a 12-18 year old? Y/N
  • How old is your child/children? 
  • What gender is your child/children? 
  • How many hours a week does your child play sports? 1-2 hours (term), 3-5 hours (qual), 6-10 hours (qual)
  • Do you understand that the researcher wants to speak with your child for this research study, not you (as the parent)? Y/N
  • Do you consent to your child participating in a paid research study? Y/N 

After you have confirmed bookings: 

When you are inviting participants we recommend you remind parents that you would like their child/children to participate as well. 

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