Can I contact or phone screen participants before scheduling them to participate?

 If you would like to speak to a participants prior to them fully participating in the research, you are able to do this but you must ask participants permission. We have the recommended text below:

In order to better qualify you for the research study, would you mind if a researcher from our team had a brief 5 minute phone call with you ahead of scheduling you to participate? 

  • Yes (Qualify)
  • No (Disqualify)

Then, you must collect a phone number to reach participants:

What is the best number to reach you on during business hours? (Open End)

If you have not collected phone numbers as part of your screener study but wish to phone screen participants, you can contact them directly via the 'Messages' tab of your project to arrange this.

If you find that a participant is not a good fit for your study after they have been scheduled, researchers can cancel participants bookings prior to 24 hours of the scheduled booking time -- Here's more on how to cancel participants.

Can I call participants if they are running late to a booking?

Yes! If you need to contact a participant in regard to a booking, you are welcome to do so. Their number can be found in the bookings tab below the participant's name. 

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