Calendar Information Settings

How can I edit my calendar name? How can I sync my calendar with my Google Calendar? Where do I set my calendar timezone? 

The Calendar Information sections allows you to set up identify calendar information as well as a few general calendar details. Below is a list of the settings in the Calendar Information section: 

  1. Calendar Name -- This is the name you give your calendar. It is not public to participants. They will see the name of the study
  2. Timezone -- What timezone you want listed for the times in the booking tab. This does not refer to the timezone that the participants see when they view your calendar. Their default view will be in their own timezone and they have the ability to choose the timezone. 
  3. Description/Special Instructions -- Any additional information you want sent to the participant. This is sent in the initial invitation, and again in confirmation and reminders. It’s also visible when participants view your project in their account.
  4. Owner -- The person who originally created the calendar. This isn't editable. 
  5. Syncing -- Shows whether or not your calendar is syncing with your Google Calendar
  6. Calendar color -- Visual representation of your calendar to help you locate it easily.

Calendar Availability

After you set up your Calendar Information you can set up your Availability -- There's a lot going on with this so we made it it's own Help Doc. You can view this here

Click here for information on Creating and Editing a Calendar. 

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