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Analytics Page

View your analytics -- Share your project

The Analytics Page (formally the Project Overview Dashboard) will let you view how your project is doing as well as a bit more information on how you set up your project. 

Participants Summary -- In the top left corner, you can view your target number, number of qualified responses, number of total responses, as well as the amount of participants in each status. 

Performance Summary - In the top right corner, you can view how often the project has been viewed and clicked, as well as the click through rate. 

Incentive Options - In the bottom right, you can view the current incentive as well as the options for changing the incentive.

Share Options - In the bottom right, you can view the link to share your project as well as the social media sharing options. Click here for more info on inviting your own participants. 

Location Criteria - The bottom left of the analytics page gives you a summary of the locations of your participants. For more info on what location options you have, click here

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